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The Vision Series

2 session intensive to jumpstart your expansion and get clear on your wider vision.


Your Expansion

Together, we will gain clarity for your wider vision and 
kick-start your expansion into who you’d like to be.

Session 1:

Clarity and Vision

We'll create clarity on what you want to welcome into your life, any shifts you’d like to create, and what you’d like to let go of. Be ready to go deep in envisioning your most expansive life and self.

Session 2:

Embodiment from the Inside Out

In this session, we will get clear on some key mindset shifts and aligned action steps to embody your wider vision. We will end with a customized hypnosis and guided meditation to start to shift your subconscious to create alignment from the inside out.

What's Included

  • 2 coaching sessions held on zoom - 1 hour each

  • Vision workbook to gain clarity on your expansive, soul-led life and career 

  • Custom hypnosis and guided meditation to align your subconscious and mindset with your vision 

This is for you if

  • Wanting to jump-start a shift in your life and create momentum to move towards it 

  • Needing clarity to create a meaningful change in an area of your life 

  • Desiring support and encouragement to say yes to your most lit up self

The Investment

Investing in ourselves lets the universe know

we are ready for MORE.

One time payment – $444

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