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The Expansion Process

12 week coaching container to fully embody your wider vision and unlock your most expansive, soul-led life.


Our highest touch, most transformative offer is for the woman who is fully committed and ready to say a full-bodied YES to the life she knows she is meant for:

  • Confident, motivated, and clear on the big visions for their life and believes that she is 100% capable of achieving them 

  • Deeper connection to purpose, self worth, intuition, and fulfillment 

  • Fully living in her worth and life on her terms - shedding the “shoulds” and instead, embracing herself completely

  • Free from that hamster-wheel feeling of “what's next” and instead, lit up by her life and content in the now 

  • Releases negative self talk, perfectionism, and people pleasing and instead stands tall in her worth and sense of self

Together, we will

  • Get clear on the wider vision for your life – self worth, career clarity, relationships, aligned entrepreneurship and anything else you want to unlock in your life  

  • Uncover limiting beliefs and stuck emotions holding you back from your most confident self and shift your mindset to align with your most worthy self 

  • Reprogram your subconscious and create new neural pathways to make aligned action easier and change your life from the inside out 

  • Create a clear action plan to help you take consistent steps towards your vision and goals 

  • Garner a deeper connection with yourself and your soul 

  • Increase your self awareness, self acceptance and self love


Let’s Connect

Apply for 1:1 coaching and then, we will schedule a call

to see if it's an aligned fit. 


Get ready for:

12 private coaching calls - held weekly for 60 minutes on Zoom 

    - All sessions are aligned with the vision you are creating in

      your life and your growth and completely customized for you!

Unlimited voice note and email support 5 days a week to offer support in-between sessions and ensure you are staying on track

Personalized hypnosis meditation to shift + expand your subconscious to align with your wider vision

Opportunities for either holistic life coaching or business mentorship based on your needs

Customized sessions with mindset shifting and somatic techniques - transformational life coaching, EFT, Hypnosis, NLP, breathwork, and guided meditation to create big inner change

Vision setting + personalized aligned action plan 

​Custom workbooks + journaling prompts for inner reflection

The Investment

When we invest in ourselves,

incredible shifts start to happen in our lives.

Make time for your future-self.

Most Savings 

Pay in Full Discount (Save $120): $2,280


Most Flexible 

3 Payments of $800


What My Clients Are Saying 

“This coaching has definitely impacted me into stepping into the woman I want to be. Megan does a brilliant job of holding space, and asking thought-provoking questions that have helped me get more in touch with myself. She has a very authentic, grounded, and non judgemental energy that has allowed me to not only be open and honest with her, but also with myself. Processing with Megan has helped me to restore my inner confidence and has empowered me to take risks in my journey." 

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