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Create your most expansive life

from the inside out.

Blending soul and science for your growth. 

Say hello to the future-you.

About Me

We all hold expansive visions of our life. We innately know that we are meant to find purpose driven, fulfilling work that lights us up while also creating an impact. We are also meant to experience a sense of self worth, self love, and deep connection. Oftentimes, fear - of failure, of not being enough, or not making money - keeps us from courageously stepping into the life we are meant to live. Do you feel that there is a more expansive version of your life that you are meant to be living?


Perhaps you are grinding away at a 9-5 job, but your days feel meaningless. The question “Shouldn’t I be doing something more with my life?” circles on repeat in your mind, but a lack of clarity, fears around money, or the thought of “starting over” keep you stuck. You want to discover a purpose driven career and no longer feel drained by your 40+ work weeks. 


Or perhaps, you are an early entrepreneur building a business that feels rooted in purpose, but confused at why you are feeling such inner resistance, imposter syndrome, and burn out? You’d love to leave the hustle mentality behind and instead build from a space of ease, joy, and confidence. You crave mentorship to both emotionally connect while you level up and a sounding board on business strategy. 


I have been here many times over. My early 20’s were spent searching for my perfect career path while making a name for myself in the advertising industry. And, when I finally figured out my purpose and gained clarity on my first business venture MoxxieMade, I was plagued with self doubt which caused me to overwork, put loads of pressure on myself, and be super critical. I was finally creating a business that was so meaningful to me, but at the expense of fulfillment in other areas of my life. 



What I realized was there is another way - all outward success is always an inside job first. So, it always starts with forming a deeper connection within. Getting curious about your emotions and the inner narratives you hold to be true, practicing a greater capacity for self love, and the courage to lean into our vulnerabilities and the discomfort that comes with growth. 


When I discovered this, I fully embraced myself and started creating from a place of joy. As a result:


  • MoxxieMade's community expanded to over 7,000 women globally - bringing our mission to more women

  • Collaborated with some of my dream mentors - Alex Elle, Danielle Duboise of Sakara Life, and many more 

  • Quit working 12 hour days and instead realized that play, self care, and rest actually lead to better productivity 

  • Had the best year of business (that I've ever had!!!)

  • Manifested an across country move and bought a dream house 

  • Successfully pivoted my business during a pandemic 

  • Felt aligned, purpose-driven, and more authentically myself 


Through our coaching partnership, get ready to form a deeper connection with yourself, your abundant purpose, and meaningful relationships that can lift you up while you are building your expansive career, business, and life.


A Multi-Hyphenate  

A truly holistic background bridging

personal, spiritual, and biz development - 

  • Certified life coach from Sofia University’s Transformative Life Coaching Program ~ an ICF accredited program 

  • Certified in mindset coaching, NLP, EFT, hypnosis and breathwork and meditation

  • Community builder and founder of Wider Visions - a self development platform 

  • Past mentor collaborations include incredible women, such as Alex Elle, Sophia Roe, Danielle Duboise of Sakara Life, Tiffany Aliche of The Budgetnista, and many others

  • Real-estate investor and co-founder of Good Bones Group 

  • Previously founded MoxxieMade - providing the community of over 7,000 women opportunities for holistic mentorship

  • 10 years of marketing experience for companies like Neiman Marcus, Procter and Gamble, and JM Smucker 

  • Experience creating immerse brand partnerships with Bumble, Kendra Scott, Athleta, and more

Who I Work With

​I coach women who are - 

  • want to overcome the feeling of “I am not enough” and truly step into their most confident, aligned powerful self

  • committed to really transforming their life + meeting their next-level self

  • want to feel a deeper sense of self love, self acceptance, self connection, self awareness, and self celebration 

  • tired of people pleasing, perfectionism, self doubt and not believing in themselves

  • are looking for a purpose forward career ~ wanting to do something that lights them up and make an abundant living doing it 

  • are early entrepreneurs who need support in building a successful business while also creating a fulfilling life 

  • ready to stop settling and start embodying their fullest self


How to Work With Me

Expand into the Next Version You.

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Coaching Package

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Get Ready to Connect to Your Expanded Life

What My Clients Are Saying 

“Megan created a supportive container for me to dream up what a more aligned career path and purpose could look like. It was such a gift to have my thoughts reflected back to me with her own fresh perspective! I left with clear takeaways for keeping the momentum going with inspired action steps.” 

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