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Connecting you to your wider vision so you can be the most expansive, soul-led YOU.

Create your most expansive life and career from the inside out.


Hi there,

I'm Megan.

Mindset x holistic life coach. 

Super connector and

community builder.

Biz mentor and entrepreneur.

Soul growth seeker. 

Breathwork, hypnosis, EFT,

NLP and meditation guide.

Marketing and brand strategist. 

Founder of Wider Visions and

Good Bones Group.

Are you ready to create your most expansive, soul-led life from the inside out?

Do you want to step into the wider vision you have for your life and fully embody who you want to be and the life you want to live?

I am a Mindset and Holistic Life Coach, and I help women who are unfulfilled, unclear, and full of self doubt by guiding them to discover their most expansive soul-led lives from the inside out. I offer my clients both holistic life coaching and business mentorship, and I am certified in many different modalities to support your transformation – breathwork, meditation, hypnosis, NLP, and EFT/tapping.

To courageously show up as your full self in all areas of your life requires you to fully embrace yourself. I love supporting my clients in gaining clarity for a wider vision for their life and then, starting to fully embody it by aligning their mindset and external actions to that future you. Big shifts always require inner and outer transformation. 

Together, we will create a deeper connection with your inner wisdom, your abundant purpose, and a wider possibility for your life. 


Get ready to uplevel in every area of your life and grow into the woman you’ve always wanted to become.


So, let’s get courageous and begin. 

Ways to Work With Me

The Expansion Process

12 week 1:1 coaching container to truly uplevel into your most expansive life

The Vision Series

2 session intensive to jumpstart your expansion and get clear on your vision

Wider Visions

Membership for your growth and expansion with group coaching, courses, and community

Image by Cole Keister
  • Are you ready to move from self doubt, wanting MORE, and feeling unfulfilled, to confident and fully expanded into who you want to be and the life you want to live?

  • Do you want to stop holding yourself back from really going after your big dreams and visions and courageously step into the individual that you feel called to be?

  • Do you want a more fulfilling career or business rooted in purpose and using your innate gifts but unclear of what that looks like?


  • Do you want to form a deeper connection to yourself, your purpose, and a wider vision for your life?


  • Do you wish you had a greater sense of self love and an unshakable confidence in yourself?

Does This Sound Familiar?


It’s time to expand into your most

courageous life and your next-level identity.

Grow into the woman you want to be - personally, spiritually, and professionally.

Holistic Mentorship in Your Feed

Tips for growth, connection, and self-love.

Wider Visions

Membership to grow into the Wider Vision of your life with coaching, courses, and community.


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