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What is it like to work with a coach?

Working with a coach is like having someone who is on your side that is ALL IN on helping you reach your personal and business goals. A coach is someone who holds you accountable to your highest potential, believes in your vision 100%, and possesses the training and the resources to help you get there. If you want someone to provide you both encouragement and if needed tough love, to uplevel and create a big shift in your life. Oftentimes, we don’t see ourselves clearly, and carving out intentional time, investment, and focus in our growth by partnering with a coach helps us achieve our goals faster.

How are coaching, therapy and mentorship different?

Coaching, therapy, and mentorship are all important avenues for growth and healing, but very different in their approach and focus. 


Coaching is future-oriented with a focus on partnering together to achieve a particular goal or shift that you’d like to create in your life. With coaching, you are partnering together to maximize your potential. Coaching operates under the belief that you are fully able and capable to accomplish anything you envision and that all of the answers are within you. You are empowered and responsible for your life choices, and the great news is that you can always choose again. Coaching touches on your past, but always through the lens of how it is impacting you today and where you’d like to go. 


Coaching is not a replacement for therapy, and our sessions will not be a diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders. Therapy focuses on the past to understand the present. Therapy is a powerful way to work through past traumas or to treat mental disorders. 


Mentorship or consultant is an approach where the mentor shares wisdom gained from their past experience to provide insight to your situation. A mentor/ consultant specializes in a particular industry or topic and is able to offer recommendations based on their experience. 


I offer both coaching and mentoring to my clients, but it’s important to be clear in what you are seeking and what the session focus is.

What is my coaching style like?

My philosophy is that all outer success and manifestation is first an inside job. So, in my approach, we will explore your inner beliefs and emotions that might be impacting you achieving your goals.  Inner transformation coupled with inspired action towards our vision is what creates lasting change. So, if you are not willing to get curious about yourself and spend time making transformations inside, then, my approach might not be the best fit for you. 


I also offer integrated coaching. Oftentimes, we put our lives into boxes - thinking that our career, our emotional well-being, and our relationships are separate and don’t impact one another. But, that’s not the truth. Our lives are integrated, so I take a holistic approach to life + business coaching. 


How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

A coaching relationship is truly a collaborative partnership, and it is important that you trust, feel comfortable with, and excited to partner with your coach.


A few good questions to ask yourself before working with any coach: 


  • Is the coach a great guide to the life I want to live? 

  • Do I resonate with the coach's content? 

  • Is the coach walking their talk?

  • Do their values mirror my own values?

  • Can I imagine building a trusting, collaborative partnership with the coach?


If you aren’t fully ready to invest your time, money, and energy into really leveling, I am not the right coach. Change and growth take commitment. 


If you are experiencing lots of unprocessed trauma, and mental health issues that are impacting your day to day life, therapy might be the best option for you. Coaching is a great way to build upon therapy or work alongside therapy. 

Is it important to hire a Certified Coach?

Yes, it is important. If you are truly seeking coaching (and not mentorship), which involves inner mindset work, a Certified Coach has invested their time and energy into training, education, and guided experience to be the most effective coach for you. A Certified Coach is also held to the ICF Core Competencies and Ethics to ensure that you are protected. 

Ensure your coach is either certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) or is working towards certification. Make sure your potential coach has received coach-specific training from an ICF-accredited coach training school. The ICF is an independent organization that certifies coaches.

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